Stonington Lantern

Stonington Lantern is an interior lighting piece designed to provide ample amounts of evenly dispersed lighting while using its no-frills form factor to stand out in its application environment. The fixture sports a steel framework which enables the piece to have such a thin and subtle profile while also establishing durability and stability to the piece.

- Dimensions: 10"L x 10"W x 15.7"H
- Min-Max Height: 24" - 79"
- Number of Lamps: 3

- Dimensions: 13.4"L x 13.4"W x 21"H
- Min-Max Height: 28"- 84"
- Number of Lamps: 4

- Dimensions: 18.3"L x 18.3"W x 27.75"H
- Min-Max Height: 30"- 95"
- Number of Lamps: 4

- Dimensions: 24.7"L x 24.7"W x 37.3"H
- Min-Max Height: 39"- 105"
- Number of Lamps: 4

- Wattage: 60W
- Socket Type: Candelabra
- Bulbs not included